Saturday, 24 December 2011

It's Crimbo-eve!

Merry Christmas Eve everybody! Excited yet? I am. I love Christmas time, even though it is absolutely freezing here at home in the Highlands of Scotland. It was my 18th Birthday which turned out to be a really fun day. Since my Ipod had died on one of my gruelling Mega bus journeys home, my Mum and Dad had bought me a new one a couple of months ago. Early I know, but I can't live without my music. BUT, the best present ever was my tattoo I got yesterday! I got a swallow on my wrist which in reality wasn't the worst pain I had experienced at all. Overall, I had a really good day!

So, today is Christmas eve and everybody is getting all excited for tomorrow. Although I love Christmas time I always find Christmas eve to be quite boring so i thought I would do a little post to kill some time. I know that the sales in shops and online have already started which is tempted to say the least so I thought I do some research and try to search out some of the best finds which I love!

1. Leather Stud Sequin Bodycon Dress By Dress Up Topshop. Was £150 reduced to £75.
I think this dress is a statement piece and stands out whilst being quite classic. It is a dress which will got go with anything and will give you a rocky/glamour look.

2. BDG Scene Print Sweatshirt. Was £45, now £22.
This sweatshirt is really unusual and really interests me from a print point of view. Think i may have to splurge on this one!

3.Printed Blanket Duffle Coat. Was £125, down to £60.
COSY! This literately looks like you would feel as if you are still in bed, what else do you need? This needs to be in my life! Don't think my student budget with stretch for all these clothes.

4.TBA Fine Lace Collar Silk Dress. Was £160, now £48.
I really love mustard and lace so this dress is amazing to me. Great with a thick cardigan in winter or with some sandals in  summer. It's such a good bargain with £112 off.

5. Unisex Pinstripe Jersey Tennis Shirt. Was £29 and now £16.
This would look amazing with a high waisted pair of jeans or a skirt. Creates a very vintage inspired look.

6. Lita Platform Boot - Purple Suede. Was £103.41, down to £72.39.
Jeffrey Campbells? YES! What a bargain! Paired with a big, chunky cardigan makes for an epic outfit. These are a must on my list, although I think my shoe splurges have gone a big far with my Topshop Boots I just bought.

7. Navy cocoon coat. Was £112.14 and is now down to £70.25.
I really love the trend of masculine dressing and this hits this trend on the head. Its simple shape and colour makes this coat sustainable through many trends. along with some rolled up jeans and a shirt buttoned to the top makes for a perfect outfit.

There are a couple of online shops which I am loving at the moment with really unusual pieces which will make you stand out. Underneath I have listed links for a few of my favourites, take a look if you have time as it is really worthwhile.

So, the only thing left to say is to wish everybody a very Merry Christnas and a Happy New Year! x

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Finally got round to it!

So, this time I am really going to try get into blogging. Its something I really want to do so I am. My aim for the year ahead is to post around once a week about anything that has really interested me or what I have been up to, which will provable be fashion related. So here it goes, my first proper post! Hopefully it won't be too bad.

I love a good bargin so thought it would be a good start to show a couple of things I have bought. I know I should really resist buying clothes on my student budget but sometimes it's just needed.

Leather Skirt, £10 from Armstrong's Vintage Clothing Emporiumm

Topshop Heeled Boots, £70 (should be £140)
Loved these to much but couldn't afford them so Ebayed it and got myself a wee bargin!

Swallow Collar Tips, £10, ASOS
Got these for my Gala Birthday!

So, it's only a couple of days left until Crimbo so would like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and New Year. Expect lots of photos of Boxing day bargins!